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Career Advice and Tips: Professional and Personal Motivation

In memory of Ike Siddiqi, who passed away in 2007.

Ike was inspirational, particularly for those of us starting out. For a long time I've had this content on my website, but now I republish it after tidying it up. It is still refreshing and challenging to read. This content is copyright Ike Siddiqi 1997 and published with permission. 

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts - saying - truisms - or Ikeisms. You didn't ask for them, but you are going to get them anyway for FREE. Some are not necessarily original.

Many guide me in my business and everyday life. Some have guided you over the years. Most are simple - "To me very important".




From Vince Lombardi:

"Some guys play with their heads. You've got to be smart to be #1 in any business. But more important, you have got to play with your heart"