As Treasurer for Bellevue Kindergarten, tonight (late) I am working through invoices.We have one from Telsra.

I like to pay by EFT: quick and easy. Usually.

Teltra provides no BPAY or EFT information on the invoice. Amazing, but true. There is a link to a web page where I can advise of my payment details, but visiting the website shows me a page letting me know that the site is down until "July 21". And all links to graphics are broken (or perhaps I am being punished for using Firefox).  No year is mentioned, but today is October. Is Telstra three months late, or do I wait until July 2011? Anyway, I don't want to advise of my payment details, I want to learn how I can pay.

The same section of the invoice invites me to "Pay Online" where I can use "Online Bill to establish up to 1 of 6 Direct Debit payment options". I don't know what Online Bill means: there is no URL, except for the one above where I can advise of my payment details (the one that is down until July 21).