Let me put my Linguistics degree to good use and list some of my favourite Dutch words.

1. Waterkoker.  English: kettle. Think about it: "water cooker". Great, love it.

2. Stofzuiger. Vacuum cleaner. This one is not quite so obvious, but when you hear it, you get it. It's a "stuff sucker".

3.  Eikenboom: Oak tree. This one is interesting, rather than funny. It is pronounced as "Aik en bome". ("Aik" as in "Jake", you can see why linguists have their own alphabet for describing how words sound). Boom just means tree and "-en" is plural. So  "Oak" is in Dutch "Aik" to try to render the pronunciation phonetically. Doesn't sound very similar to the English word. However, in English, we call the nut of this tree an "acorn". So the name for the tree shifted its vowel, but English and Dutch have kept the same vowel for the nut. This really brings home the connection between the Germanic languages.