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As I crossed the German border into Poland yesterday, a thought ocurred to me: If I have entered the Republic of Poland, why are there kings on the bank notes? So I wondered if Poland was the only republic to have monarchy on its currency.The Polish have a certain freedom: without having loyalty to whatever monarch that hereditary genetics has thrown at them, they are free to pick and choose, so there is more than one king on the banknotes, and for sure only the most glorious historical kings need apply. Anyway, Poland is famous for having elected kings .


The Polish economy must be booming, ...






because as I walk edaround Pila last night, I noticed more and more solariums. I also wandered into a bottle shop tonight, and was amazed to discover a bottle of Brown Brothers Shiraz. It's the first Brown Brothers wine I have seen on the continent. It was the 2002 vintage and I doubt that it has been stored very well (standing vertically) but it was really a very pleasant surprise so I felt compelled to buy it. I rembember picking grapes as a child from the Ritchie's farm near Mansfield and them travelling with the grapes to Milawa, where they were pressed. I was in primary school, and I was thrilled to see an Archimede's screw in operation (to transfer the grapes). The Ritchie's grapes were not long after used for their own winery, Delatite. The family had planned this very well. First they would grow grapes acceptable for a prestigious winery, then send their daughter to get a degree in viticulture, and then finally open the winery. Delatite is a small, higher altitude winery with an excellent reputation, so hats off for the vision and the realisation.