Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) on Lenovo ThinkPad P50

Xubuntu 16.04 on the ThinkPad P50 is almost painless and provides good battery life, multi-displays. As for the usual questions: suspend/resume is 100% reliable for me under all circumstances. Wifi is perfect. Multi-monitor works. Stability is completely rock-solid; it’s better than my last five years of Macs, and better than any Windows experience I’ve had, although I only use windows 10 in passing, so it’s not a very fair comparison.

Converting MYOB to a terminal server brings big advantages, particularly if you have the database files on the terminal server as well. This articles discussed moving a directory tree of MYOB databases from a mapped network drive to a local drive, keeping security settings, and a python script to bulk update shortcut settings with the new location of the MYOB databases

Simple Notes on Internet Security and Email


It is very easy to forge email; that is, to send email as if it came from someone else.

It is trivial for your email to be read while it is in transit: left to its own, email is like a postcard. I don't like to sound like I live in the backwoods of Montana, but government agencies all over the world are reading email via automated scans. If this upsets you, you don't need to blow up any buildings. Just follow the instructions here.

Some steps for happier home surfing, (advice I give to friends). The software recommended here is all free and mostly open source.

1. Do not use Internet Explorer except when absolutely necessary.

2. Do not use Microsoft Outlook Express for email.

3. Do not use the Microsoft MSN client, use Gaim

4. Change some Windows settings.

5. Don't use Kazaa (consider emule).

6. Antivirus software: look at Avast, because it is free and works with a better range of email software than Norton.

7. Firewall: Use sygate

8. Anti spyware software

Radical alternative: Get a Macintosh.


For a couple of months now I've been using Linux as my main operating system. I bought Tris a Macbook, and after 30 minutes of using it I was embarassed to be still using XP. A big step was being able to run XP as a virtual machine, because I doubt that I can really find a good Linux alternative to Photoshop elements for working with my digital photos (I have a Canon EOS 5D, shoot in raw and like to use Adobe color space, so I am beyond Picassa).