After many years, I will stop using a PocketPC PDA. For many years I have used a phone + a separate PDA, and I left Palm for the Microsoft platform 10 years ago. In the last few years it has been clear that the dedicated PDA is dead: the value for money is very poor, and the capabilities of 'smart phones' have been fast increasing.

Now I have a Nokia 6120 for me and one for my Tris. I like the Java emphasis of Symbian, and while Windows CE/ Windows Mobile has clearly improved in the ten years, it is still not stable enough for me, and the interface is not simple enough for a mobile phone. I don't want a phone that needs a stylus, for example. 

It is an excellent phone, and surprisingly fast. My PocketPC (A Dell Axim) now seems slow. To replace my Pocket PC, I need a good PIM (I never find the built-in ones good enough: I was using the excellent PocketInformant on the Pocket PC), good sync (my requirements are somewhat complicated), a good chess program, and a good code vault/wallet for storage of data. 

First, the PIM. There are two leading contenders at a reasonable price; AquaCalendar and Papyrus. Papyrus is my choice. It looks good, and the default settings are excellent. I've used it for a couple of weeks, it is stable and effective.

Chess: Convekta Chess Champion is the best chess program. Chess programs on the PocketPC are well ahead. Pocket Grandmaster is very good, and the free CE Board is quite remarkable, since it supports some very strong engines, and the fun Crafty Special Edition (with personalities). However, the Convekta program uses an interesting engine (the commercial version of Delfi which means good control over strength) and support for hand-built opening databases will be added soon, the developers tell me.

 Code vault/wallet:

I will try using a generic solution via a database program. HandDBase looks the goods.