I don't have Windows 7, I have Vista. I noticed that Explorer windows have an option to "view by stack", and you can stack by date. "Stack?". I couldn't guess what they meant, so I tried it. (It needs Windows Search to be on for a fast response. I've twice tried Windows Search and twice turned it off because the content indexing becomes very intrusive, unlike Google desktop search). Turns out that stacking means presenting the folder content according to the criteria selected, such as file type or data modified. I tried mod date. The result is in the screenshot below. This is why people think computers are stupid, because I have only one file modified "yesterday" and everything else is a "long time ago"! This includes around four to five files modified in each of the last six months of 2009. A file modified in December 2009 is, as of Jan 3 2010, a "long time ago". Microsoft delays its releases for such a long time, and charges so much money for them, but what are they doing? Dear KDE, don't copy this.